Delivery of aviation inventory is performed in accordance with supply contract.
Method of shipment of goods is additionally agreed upon with the customer.

Shipment options:

  • By road
  • By air
  • By railway
  • By sea
  • By express mail

Shipment of products is carried out at the expense of the buyer unless otherwise agreed with the customer. Shipping costs can be included in the price of the product or paid separately.
Customer pickup of products from our warehouse is possible, arrival time should be coordinated with our commercial management department. In case of customer pickup of the product, seal or power of attorney is required.

Shipment of new products is performed in the manufacturer’s packaging to ensure integrity of the goods during shipment by any kind of transport. Shipment of goods from storage is carried out in supplier’s packaging, which also ensures the safety of goods upon delivery by any mode of transport.
Shipping documents will be sent with goods, unless otherwise agreed with the customer.