AVIAELEMENT delivers aircrafts, aviation equipment, rolled metal products, materials and technical supplies to the enterprises of the military industrial complex and the aircraft industry.

All products are authentic and accompanied with documentation issued by manufacturers or aircraft repair factories (technical certificate, label, certificate, tag).

— Offers a wide range of aviation inventory for MI and KA series helicopters delivered from stock in Moscow or against order.

— Provides agency maintenance services for repair stock (engines, assemblies, landing gear, units, etc.);

— Sells airport and aerodrome equipment;

— Delivers aviation oils and lubricants, rubber products, bearings;

— Sells lighting equipment for domestic airplanes and helicopters;

— Delivers a wide range of aircraft tyres and batteries for various types of aircrafts;

— Sells various gauges of rolled metal (ferrous, non-ferrous) according to OST and GOST: pipes, bars, sheets, profiles, tapes, plates, wires, ropes;

Offers services of delivery, repair and maintenance of engines for various aircrafts (both new and after overhaul reconditioning):

  • Turboprop engines (AI-20, AI-24 (АИ-24), TV3-117VMA-SBM1, MS-14
  • Dual-flow turbojet engines (AI-25 series 2Е, AI-25TL, AI-25TLK, D-436-148, D-436T1, D-18T, D-36 series 1, 2А, 3А, 4А, MS400)
  • Turboshaft (MS-500V, TV3-117VMA-SBM1V series 4E, TV3-117VMA-SBM1V, TV3-117VM, D-136/D-136 series 1, D-136-2, AI-450M)
  • Auxiliary (AI-8, AI-9, AI-9V, AI9-3B, AI-450-MS)

 — Offers delivery of DC and AC generators, servo and power electric drives, aircraft braking control systems, electrical impulse de-icing systems, current collectors for airplanes and helicopters, onboard information exchange systems, hardware and software sets for testing equipment and systems, protection, regulation and control equipment.

— Delivery from the warehouse in Moscow: centrifugal electric-driven pumps, engine centrifugal pumps, axial-plunger pumps, jet pumps; back pressure valves and safety valves; electromagnets, electro-hydraulic distributors; fuel supply units; mounting devices; heat regulators; 3-phase AC motors; direct current motors; generators;

Provides delivery and repair of aircraft units:

  • Control unit BUPT 5M, BUPT 5M-1
  • Capacitor bank BK 600-1
  • Unit BZR 1800-1, BPR-EIPOS, BUP-503 2s, BZU VU 27 V
  • Aerodrome power supply voltage control unit BKNA 115 V
  • Unit BUPRT-96, BRZU115VO 2s, BRZU 220 V
  • Voltage and temperature alarm device USLN 250 MB
  • Temperature alarm device USLN 250 S
  • ATC device 3 V

Local control unit 1R4FF 03 and electromagnetic low-current relays:

  • Open type relay RKN
  • Dust and moisture proof relays: RES 9, RES 10
  • Sealed relays: RES 52, 52А, RES 78, REK 88, REK 134, REK 90
  • Sealed relays REN 34, RES 64, RES 91, RES 9, RGK 37, RGK 42, RGK 155
  • Measuring voltage relay TNN21PODG

— Delivers modern onboard navigation devices operating by signals of domestic and foreign on-ground and space-based radio beacons (automatic direction finders, radio compasses and other products);

— Carries out delivery of transformer sensor blocks and current transformer blocks; power supply units of flight control and navigation equipment; onboard electric motors; drive operation monitoring sensors; throttles of regulation, saturation and filter; electric machines of low power; current transducers; mounting frames for aviation equipment; pulse transformers; power transformers; voltage transformers.

Our manager will consult you on availability of particular items, delivery timing, warehouse stock in Moscow, and delivery terms.